20+ years without a BBC TV Licence and not one problem

It’s been around 20yrs now I’ve been without a BBC TV Licence and I’ve not really had any problems.

Yes I get the threatening, misleading & intimidating letters but they all go in the bin. I know a lot of people fall for those things but that’s the way Fishburn Hedges design them to look official.

The last one I had actually looked like I was being taken to court and around the same time our forum had been getting new registrations from people saying they were being taken.

Letter designed to make you think you're being taken to court

No other company in the UK would be able to get away with treating the public in this way and yet the BBC can and does.

I always tell people just to ignore, ignore and ignore. The BBC and their “Enforcement Division” are nothing more than salespeople who are allowed to treat people as guilty until proven innocent.

It’s also been known for the BBC salespeople to lie in order for them to make the commission so this in itself is a good reason just to ignore them.

The people you read about in the papers (articles by Fishburn Hedges) who do get caught are those who were naive enough to think the BBC were some official body and so had to speak to them, bad mistake.

In my 20+ years I’ve only had of their sales gimps come to my front door and they got nothing from me. The second even said he was doing surveys in the area in order to get my name and admit I was the homeowner, he got neither.

I knew exactly what he was and once he worked this out he flipped out an ID card like he was Special Branch and said TV Licensing. Well once I stopped laughing I just slammed the door and heard him mutter something before leaving

The BBC TV Licence "Enforcement Divsion"

All in all the BBC remind me of the Nazis, yes they had the SS to enforce things and the BBC has TV Licensing