Angry viewers demand TV licence fee refunds from the BBC as Are You Being Served? remake is branded ‘truly ghastly’

FURIOUS viewers have demanded licence fee refunds from the BBC after the Are You Being Served? remake fell flat with fans.

Many devotees lashed out at TV chiefs after the one-off show aired last night with a new cast taking on the beloved characters.

Fans were not happy with the remake when it aired last night
Fans were not happy with the remake when it aired last night

Are You Being Served? became a trending topic on Twitter last night as fans took to social media to discuss the remake, which stars Sherrie Hewson and Jorgie Porter.

However, reviews of the show were scathing, with viewers criticising the BBC for failing to recapture the magic of the original series.

One outraged viewer wrote: “#AreYouBeingServed this is like some am-dram tribute gone wrong. It doesn’t work on any level and is not funny.”

Another branded the show “truly ghastly” and one simply tweeted: “This remake of #AreYouBeingServed is f**king atrocious.”

Many viewers were so outraged by the remake, they demanded a licence fee refund.

One wrote: “So I watched Are You Being Served…

“I would like a refund of my license fee please. Terrible dialogue and shockingly bad acting.

Another added: “After enduring the new celebratory “Are You Being Served” I feel like asking the #BBC for my licence fee back! #C**pDoesntComeClose.”

One more fan posted: “Well we lasted 3 mins of ‘Are you being served?’ I can’t believe our to license money is paying for this rubbish.”

Some fans pointed out that the “canned laughter killed it” while others were convinced the show never should have been revived.

One wrote: ““Did I say I don’t like the remake of #AreYouBeingServed? I meant to say I effing hate it. Gods, this is awful. #epicfail.”

Many even lodged complaints with the BBC by tweeting their views on the show to the broadcaster.

One wrote: “How dreadful was the remake of “are you being served?” Everything about it lacked! Shame @BBCOne.”

Another viewer posted: “#AreYouBeingServed this is quite possibly the worst thing I’ve ever watched.”

Some even suggested the new castmembers were to blame for the negative reaction, with one writing: “Are You Being Served’ re-make!

“As expected dreadful. Only saving graces was the original set and original theme. Actors were terribly bad.”

The show was revived with a new all-star cast more than 30 years since it was last on screen.

Bafta-winning actor Jason Watkins, 50, took on the role of Mr Humphries, previously played by John Inman.

Corrie and Loose Women star Sherrie, 65, played Mrs Slocombe and former Hollyoaks actress Jorgie Porter, 28, tackled a new character – secretary Miss Croft.

The classic British sitcom was last on screens in 1985 and returned to BBC One as part of the channel’s Landmark Sitcom Season.

The special one-off episode was written by Derren Litten, the creator of popular ITV sitcom Benidorm.