Another BBC TV Licence Salesman Harassing The Public

Thanks to BantheBBC for this video

Another BBC TV Licence Goon Harassing The Public! Here’s yet another BBC TV Licence Goon who thinks he has the right to harass yet another innocent member of the public – just because they haven’t purchased a “TV Licence”. If one of these commission-hungry TVL goons dares to darken your doorstep, simply refuse to answer the door to them. They have as much power and authority as a person who comes to your door selling feather dusters. Remember, you DO NOT need to buy a TV Licence if you do not watch LIVE TV BROADCASTS. If you only watch catchup TV, Netflix, etc, then you legally have NO NEED for a TV Licence. So don’t let these BBC goons SCARE YOU, INTIMIDATE YOU, THREATEN YOU, or BULLY YOU into talking to them. Simply refuse to speak to them or even answer your door to them. BBC/CAPITA/TV Licensing Goons have NO POWER WHATSOEVER!