BBC splashes out £11,000 on lunches with MPs and boxes at the Proms

Yes in order to keep the TV Licence billions it seems the BBC feels the need to basically bribe MPs with freebies at the publics expense. You also have to remember a lot of these MPs will be claiming for their TV Licence from the taxpayer so have a good thing going here.

BBC Fat Cats

We also found out that 13 members of the BBC Trust (trust lol) racked up expense claims of £65,000 in just six months and these are part timers!

That didn’t include £4,200 spent on hiring boxes at the proms or the £6,400 on three separate lunches for the 3 main political parties, the Lib-Lab-Con.

The Lib-Lab-Con

They spent 3,000 of licence fee money on Labour, a further £1,700 on the Conservatives & 1,820 on the Liberal Democrats.

The Chairman Sir Michael Lyons was the star in all this. Yes he racked up £30,000, including £12,500 for a driver to drive him around London.

In a 12 month period his total expenses were £63,000

If you thought that bad well it gets worse. Michael Lyons gets paid £143,000 a year and only works 4 days aweek.

Overall, the trustees claimed about £24,000 on accommodation, £12,000 on cabs and ‘long distance cars’, £16,000 on rail travel and £7,000 on flights. A number also claimed for their Sky Television subscription and tube travel to the office.