BBC Still Wasting Taxpayers Money With No Thought Of The Public

These were the latest findings here.  Figures reveal a 7 per cent year-on-year hike in wining and dining.

We see some Senior managers put in claims for £350 taxi rides, , £716 on ‘team-building’ events and more than £1,000 for ‘thank you’ meals.

The Do Gooding Liberal/Left will say this is ‘value for money’ because it’s still being wasted on their beloved BBC.  Yes these are the filth who want every household in the UK forced to subsidise what they happen to like watching.

They will of course agree with the following waste,

Expenses for internal and external entertaining included a £437 dinner for the ‘team’ of BBC1 drama Silent Witness and a £253 meal with the stars of Doctor Who by drama chief Ben Stephenson. Business affairs boss Bal Samra spent £1,100 on a ‘thank you meal’ for 22 colleagues to mark the end of a project.

Yes pay them for their roles and then treat them again at the taxpayers expense.

Radio 5 Live boss Adrian Van Klaveren spent £262 on a thank you meal for his work in South Africa during the worldcup.  Now call me old fashioned but I think the taxpayer folked out enough on all the duplicate services the BBC took over there.

The taxis fares are something else though.  You just can’t see a commerical company allowing their employees to extract the urine like this,

Radio 3 controller Roger Wright had a total taxi bill of £2,365 in the period, including £995 on five cab journeys. It is thought this paid for him to get home from the Proms to his house in the Home Counties.

Outgoing TV chief Jana Bennett spent £1,412 on taxis and operations chief Caroline Thomson claimed £1,955 for ‘car fares’.

I hope those reading this who still buy the BBC TV Licence think again when the renewal comes up because nothing is going to change at the BBC while they have guaranteed funding from the British public.

The BBC know if they don’t waste all their billions the government could actually lower the BBC TV Licence and that is something they cannot allow.