Common Purpose Led BBC Attack On BNP Again

Yes this time they’ve admitted they were wrong for allowing two BNP ‘activists’ tell the truth.

They’ve said they breached editorial guidelines by allowing unchallenged ‘racist’ statements on a flagship news broadcast.

The activists – identified at the time only as Joey and Mark – went unchallenged when they claimed black England footballer Ashley Cole was not ‘ethnically British’.

BNP members said east London-born Ashley, was 'not ethnically British'

Even though it is true that Ashley Cole was not ‘ethnically British’ the BBC and the rest of the main stream media has attacked them as racist.

Now the BBC’s Editorial Complaints Unit has ruled that BBC Newsbeat was wrong not to reveal the two men’s standing in the BNP, and that their views should have faced ‘rigorous challenge’

You have to wonder how they could challenge actual facts but then again if you are white you are racist to the Common Purpose led establishment.