James Murdoch: unchecked BBC expansion is ‘chilling’

I found this a rather interesting article. He talks of the out of control BBC and it damaging democracy which isn’t hard to deny.

James Murdoch

The BBC over the years has moved from the one to eight Television channels and countless national and local radio stations all fed via a communist style subscription service.

Mr Murdoch doesn’t call for the abolition of the BBC TV Licence which is a shame but then again I don’t think he could get away with that either.

While Mr Murdoch has a 38% stake in BSkyB that wouldn’t go down to well with the BBC and it’s left wing fans who already have their guns pointed towards the Murdoch’s. Just about every anti BBC story in the media has the BBC idiot’s saying this and that about them because they can’t understand how 9 million people would voluntary subscribe to Sky without threats of fines or arrest like the BBC subscription fee.

I really would like people like the Murdoch’s to fight the corner for the silent majority and get this unjust BBC TV Licence scrapped. If the left love it so much then they wouldn’t have a problem in funding it via a voluntary subscription see. My personal view is that they know their only a small minority and need to force people in to funding their beloved BBC. This is the reason why their trolls are always posting comments on the Internet saying how great the BBC is and how butter wouldn’t melt etc etc. Lets face it normal people don’t behave in that manner LMAO

The article in question can be found here