Jill Evans MEP: not paying TV licence

Plaid Cymru MEP and President Jill Evans said:

“I’m proud to be part of Cymdeithas yr Iaith’s campaign to ensure a future for S4C. As part of that campaign I’m pleased to put forward my name as one of the rising number of people in Wales who are ready to refuse to pay the TV licence to secure its future. In so doing, I follow in the foot steps of a former Plaid Cymru leader, Gwynfor Evans, who also refused to pay his TV licence, as well as threatening hunger strike, as part of the original campaign in the 1970s which led to the establishment of the channel.”

“The Tories are attacking Welsh language culture with their dangerous plans for S4C: plans which threaten its very existence. It’s vital that the channel keeps its independence so it can defend itself. It must be funded fairly and managed in Wales. We must take a stand against these plans.”

Jill Evans MEP

So she’s proud but unwilling for the Welsh to pay for their own Welsh channel, no she wants the English to give them the £100 MILLION funding.

The channel has hardly any viewers in fact it has been none for them to have ZERO

BBC 3 has a similar budget yet this channel is for the whole of the UK.  It gets complaints because of the pure viewing figures but there nothing compared with the pitiful S4C’s.

Now I’m not Welsh but from reading comments online it’s clear to see even the Welsh would rather have Channel 4 on their Freeview boxes than the current S4C yet the minority of fascists yet again get their own way.

I think its about time that those who want a Welsh speaking channel paid for it via subscription like what we’re trying to do in regards of the BBC.

Why should the English subsidise Scottish, Welsh & even Irish channels when there nothing to do with us.  If there is a demand for them in those countries then surly the public would subscribe to them………..is that too much common sense ?