Question Time faces another bias charge after audiences are ‘hostile’ towards Government

The question has come up again on whether the BBC is biased, for me it was never a question I know they’re biased to hell.

Under fire: The BBC has been accused of political bias by ensuring Question Time, with host David Dimbleby, had 'hostile' audiences to the Government cuts

In the latest escapade they decided to hold Question Time in Middlesbrough knowing the government would get the most abuse.

Out of the five panellists one was Tory learning (George Pascoe-Watson former editor of The Sun) and one neutral General Sir Richard Dannatt (General Sir Richard Dannatt).  The rest basically went for Transport Secretary; John Denham. They even had Polly Toynbee on the panel who used to work for the BBC and now the pro BBC, leftist Guardian newspaper.

The Labour government took on an extra 800,000 public sector jobs (typical Socialists) during their time in power and now the countries broke, another fault caused by Labour a lot of them have to go, 500,000 to be precise.

Now one could be sceptical for wondering why they decided to hold this in Middleburgh when 43 per cent of the workforce is employed in the public sector in Middleburgh.

Thankfully the truth did come out in the end,

“After the audience grilling, a BBC producer was overheard telling Sir Richard Dannatt, a panellist and the former head of the Army, that the show was held in Middlesbrough because the audience would be the most hostile to the cuts.”

It’s just a shame everyone is forced to fund this left wing dinosaur instead of going to a voluntary subscription.