Sky & Netflix join forces to create an ultimate streaming package with content from BOTH providers available for £10 a month while the BBC charge £13 (TV Licence £150.50 a year)

Long-time television competitors Netflix and Sky have today launched a combined service to offer the ultimate television binge-watching experience.

  • Netflix and Sky are joining forces to produce a new television bundle
  • Customers will be able to pay for both platforms from an additional £10 a month
  • This marks the first time Netflix has been available on Sky TV hardware 
  • There are two price plans available: ‘Ultimate on Demand’ and ‘Q Experience’

The collaboration has been called ‘scarily good’ by the two firms and will allow customers to access content from both providers in one place for the first time.

Customers will be able to trawl through Netflix content alongside original Sky TV productions and movies available via the pay-per-month broadcaster.

A voluntary Subscription to Sky Q and Netflix will be paid with a single monthly fee.

Prices start from £10 a month for ‘Ultimate on Demand’ and there is a premium option available – called Q Experience – for an additional £12 a month surcharge.

This is the first time users will be able to access Netflix via Sky TV hardware and will be rolled out to customers in November.

Customers can pre-register for the service from today, however, the exact date of the new combined services is yet to be announced by Sky.

The rival firms have revealed the combined package will require customers to have an existing Sky Q Entertainment subscription of £20 per month.

Those who already have a Netflix subscription and do not want to combine their monthly bills into a single payment are able to sign-in to their existing account with the video on-demand service via their Sky Q box.

However, those who want to add Netflix to their Sky package can pick one of two new bundled unveiled today by the UK broadcaster.

Ultimate on Demand, the basic integrated feature, costs an additional £10 a month and includes Sky Box Sets in HD, support for two Netflix streams, and downloads.

For those who want access to the Ultra HD content provided by both Netflix and Sky, the Q Experience bundle is the only available option and costs £12 a month.

However, the bundle requires an existing Ultimate on Demand subscription for £10 — bringing the total monthly payment to £22.

The Q Experience bundle package also includes multi-room streaming to Sky Q Minis, four Netflix streams and the ability to download shows to watch offline.

Long-time competitors Netflix and Sky have today launched a combined service to offer the ultimate television binge-watching experience. Customers will be able to access Netflix directly through a Sky service and can both subscriptions will be billed with a single payment


Ultimate on Demand is the basic feature and is available for £10 per month.

This gives customers access to both Netflix and Sky Box Sets.

A singular subscription to Sky Q Entertainment for £20 is required and is cheaper than both products individually.

USers will also have the ability to upgrade to Q Experience which offers more advanced featiures for a further £12 a month.

This includes Netflix Premium, which gives customers access to Netflix’s content in UHD, as well as Sky’s content in UHD and multi-room.

Customers can now register for the feature at but it will not go live until November – an exact date has yet to be announced.

Stephen van Rooyen, CEO at Sky UK and Ireland, said: ‘We want Sky Q to be the number one destination for TV fans.

‘Partnering with Netflix means we will have all the best TV in one great value pack, making it even easier for you to watch all of your favourite shows.’

The partnership will allow users to stream content from Netflix’s database of shows in the same place as the exclusive shows offered by Sky.

Popular shows such as Game of Thrones (Sky), The Crown (Netflix), Tin Star (Sky) and Queer Eye (Netflix) will now all be available in a single location.

Customers that plump for the Ultimate on demand feature will be able to watch Netflix shows via the Netflix app, and Sky shows via the Sky Go and Sky Q apps.

However, users won’t be able to watch Netflix content through Sky apps as integration is focused around the TV screen rather than mobile streaming, the firms claim.

Popular shows such as Game of Thrones (Sky), The Crown (Netflix), Tin Star (Sky) and Queer Eye (Netflix) will now all be available in one location – but only on a television and not on a mobile streaming device

Chris Whiteley, Director Business Development UK/IE at Netflix, aded: ‘Innovation is at the core of Netflix.

‘We are delighted to partner with Sky to offer fans a new and exciting way to access the best of entertainment from around the world.'(Netflix)

Available in the UK first, Sky intends to move the Netflix incorporated devices into Italy, Germany and Austria afterwards.

Sky’s Group Chief Executive, Jeremy Darroch, said: ‘By placing Sky and Netflix content side-by-side, along with programmes from the likes of HBO, Showtime, Fox and Disney, we are making the entertainment experience even easier and simpler for our customers.’

His counterpart at Netflix, Reed Hastings, added: ‘With this innovative new partnership and Netflix’s stellar line up of original content from across the world, Sky’s customers will be able to seamlessly access and enjoy all the best entertainment in one place.’

The option will be available for both existing and new customers.

For users who choose to adopt the system, Netflix content will be integrated into the existing user interface.

This means that Netflix shows will be promoted alongside Sky’s own content.

Although it is available on Sky’s most recent developments, customers with the Sky+ HD box will miss out on the deal and must upgrade to Sky Q to be eligible for the latest collaboration.

The Netflix content will be available on Sky’s free online-streaming platform NowTV. Sky customers with the SKY+ HD box will not have the option of incorporated Netflix and will have to upgrade to Sky Q if they wish to receive access

Sky has held out on incorporating Netflix for a number of years believing it has enough high-quality, original content to retain customers.

It seems that instead of competing against each other, the two television giants decided to form a truce and co-exist.

Other satellite television providers have brought Netflix into the fold.

Virgin Media and BT have both offered Netflix to its customers for a while.

In the US, Comcast has already featured the streaming platform in its set-top box.

Tom Harrington, an analyst at Enders, told the BBC: ‘It has inconvenienced its subscribers, who are more likely to have Netflix than those without pay-TV, because it has believed that its content was strong and exclusive enough to justify operating a walled garden.

‘It seems as if that confidence has subsided and bringing a competitor on board – one that could potentially satisfy Sky’s subscribers for a much lower price – is a risky move that cannot now be backed away from, but at least is a sure source of shared revenues.’