The BBC Breaking Impartial Rules Again

Now I’m sure most intelligent people knew the programme was going to be biased, its the BBC after-all but I for one was shocked at just how much.

A much younger and more multicultural audience than normal

The whole show was a farce and we found out the next day that the BBC had changed the format on purpose to attack the BNP.

The complaints thus far are –

  • Complaints that the show was biased against Mr Griffin outnumbered by more than two to one those about him being allowed to appear;
  • Some of the audience appear to have been rushed through the vetting process in a bid to emphasise the multi-cultural nature of London;
  • Audience members were briefed to ask ‘provocative’ questions and host David Dimbleby told them it was acceptable to boo;
  • More than eight million people tuned in – four times the usual audience and more than watched Strictly Come Dancing last week;
  • The BNP boasted that since Mr Griffin’s appearance, 3,000 people had registered to sign up as members
  • Joel Weiner, 17, who dramatically confronted Mr Griffin about Holocaust denial, said he applied to attend a Question Time programme more than a year ago, but was approached just 24 hours before filming.

While Question Time normally ranges across issues of the day, which this week included the postal strike and the economy, all but one of the questions selected focused on the BNP and its policies.

Viewers heard him brand Islam ‘wicked’ and smear homosexuals as ‘creepy’. What he actually said was some people would see that as creepy and lets be honest some do.

Members of the audience have told the Daily Mail they were handed a detailed crib-sheet which encouraged them to ask questions which were ‘short, sharp and provocative’.

The Document Concerned

During the warm-up for Thursday’s recording of the show, audience members were told they should feel free to jeer when they considered it appropriate

Joel Weiner, 17, who confronted Mr Griffin about Holocaust denial, said he applied to appear on the programme more than a year ago but was approached ‘out of the blue’ on Wednesday – just 24 hours before filming.

More than a fifth of voters would consider backing the British National Party in a future election, according to an opinion poll taken in the hours after leader Nick Griffin’s appearance on BBC1’s Question Time.

Some 22% of those questioned said they would “seriously consider” voting BNP in a local, European or general election – including 4% who said they would “definitely” consider backing the party.

3% said they would “probably” consider it, and 15% who said they were “possible” BNP voters.

I hope others from outside the UK can see what a state this country has become under the lib-lab-con these days where the indigenous population have become second class under the far left!

The Question Time programme in question –

I’ll leave you with what Nick Griffin had to say on the matter –