Virgin Media Fair Usage Policy (CAP) Gets Tougher

Yes it’s been done on the quite but they have got even tougher on customers daring to actually use broadband while advertising they’re 100mbit service due to start in December 2010.

I myself only found out about it when I tried downloading something on the Newsgroups and was only getting around 100/175kbs.

I created a thread on the Virgin Media forum asking what the hell was going and no one from Virgin Media replied however someone did point out they’ve updated their website without telling peoplehere.

File sharing

We moderate the total volume of file sharing traffic on our network between 5pm and midnight on weekdays and midday and midnight on weekends. This policy is restricted to Peer to Peer (“P2P”) applications and Newsgroups (which are commonly used to distribute large amounts of data)

This policy does not impact any applications other than Peer to Peer and Newsgroups, so things like watching iPlayer, online gaming, making calls via Skype, downloading music tracks from iTunes or streaming them from Spotify and sending an email or normal browsing are unaffected.

It’s important to remember that these traffic management policies only apply at peak times when speeds are most likely to be affected by people using more than their fair share. Outside of peak times we do not manage traffic.

So you were already being capped from 10am till 21:00 and now they’ve added the p2p cap from 17:00 till midnight.  This basically means if you are a Virgin Media customer there is no point in trying to download anything until after midnight!.

I should also add that when I created that thread on the Virgin Media forum I get an idiot replying to me who was rather obtuse.  I did reply to him but my post was deleted even though I was the thread starter.  I’m guessing it was because his post was extremely pro Virgin Media (they can’t do anything wrong) while I was making a valid point.

The moderator eventually closed the thread due to off-topic posts but would not remove his friends post.  He said it was because my reply to him was personal.  I did point out that his friend was being personal and off-topic on my thread too but this didn’t matter because he had a brown tongue.

I put a complaint in regarding the moderators behavior and got a phone-call from their head office today and the guy I spoke to was less than helpful.   He tried to make sure I didn’t get a word in and would not even look into what the moderator had done.  He said it was nothing to do with them and I would have to contact the people who run the Virgin Media forum (Er Virgin Media).   So it seems the Virgin Media staff who run the forum have no one to answer too.  Believe it or not the guy said just don’t use the forum, that from Virgin Media’s head office!